About Alphastreet

AlphaStreet revolutionizes the way professional investors track companies, analyze data and perform research to gain valuable market insights. Our goal is to offer a frictionless platform to help you find Alpha. Alphastreet’s bespoke products and services empower you to quickly narrow down to the relevant information rather than bombard you with all the bells and whistles regardless of their usage and utility. Our products are built to make access to quality information a reality for everyone – from small investment firms to the largest ones. We understand that information is valuable and time sensitive hence we provide you the flexibility to access it from anywhere and any device.

AlphaStreet provides you with a repository of news, data and research, all under one hood – be it event calendars, audios of earnings calls, transcripts, SEC filings, news and research related to the target stock and its industry. We pride in standing out from the rest for time to market and quality of data at truly out-of-the-world prices. Check out our data by joining for free and compare it with the product you already use.

Why Alphastreet ?

Access to important information can be prohibitive with sites that curtail independence. As an institutional investor, analyst or an investment professional, or a fund looking to discover stocks, getting stuck with companies that own the data market and putting a lot of constraints on its users would be the last thing you’d want.

AlphaStreet provides you with a ready-made repository of all the information you will need under one hood – be it audios of past earnings calls and their transcripts, SEC filings to all news related to the target stock and its industry.

But why AlphaStreet? Why not one of the bigger brands out there? AlphaStreet prides itself in standing out from the rest for the precision and quality of data at truly out-of-the-world prices – data that can be customized for every circumstance and every type of investor.

As investment professionals know, a good trade idea is only as good as the prevailing sentiment about the stock. The data that’s available in the market comes with a lot of constraints tying the hands of end-users from coming up with innovative solutions. AlphaStreet understands the fact that every bit of information is valuable, and provides users the flexibility to manipulate the data to get the best results out of it.

At AlphaStreet, we know – as you all too know well – that the one thing that sets apart the best in the business from the good and the ordinary is access to quality information in a timely fashion that can help support, validate or cause you to apply caution to your decision-making.

Such information historically came with a hefty price tag. No more! AlphaStreet is democratizing access to high quality, time-sensitive and precise information that is truly affordable.

Our product is built to make access to quality information a reality for everyone – from small investment firms to the larger ones.

Investment firms, analysts, and other investment professionals can check out the quality of our data by joining for free and compare it with the product they already use. It’s that simple!

The Team

Vishnu Beri

( CEO, Business Expert & Entreprenuer )

Vishnu founded AlphaStreet because he believes that to be a good investor, you don’t have to learn the hard way by losing a sizeable chunk of cash, attend a top business school, or be a stock wizard. Drawing from his experience with all the above, he’s made it his mission to create a way for individual investors to make informed stock decisions with a community of support behind them. Thus sparing them the hassles of losing one’s hard-earned savings and/or going to business school. (Although as an alum, Vishnu is pretty partial to the Chicago Booth)

With his experience in Finance, Vishnu decided that AlphaStreet team would also consist of folks without the burden of his background – those who want to invest but do it sparingly or those who want to but are intimidated. With this perfect team designing the perfect solution for common man he has freed a good 30-minutes of time each week, using that to indulge in his favorite activities: hiking, reading and hanging out with his family.

Hiren Hindocha

( CTO, Technology Enthusiast & Entreprenuer )

Hiren looks forward to leveling the playing field in the investment industry thanks to AlphaStreet’s ease of use and thoughtful financial recommendations from industry experts. He is a big proponent of technology and believes that it can be used to bridge the Digital Divide. He is also about much more than fintech and sits on the Board of Directors for Abode Services, a Bay Area-based non-profit that assists homeless families and individuals find permanent housing.

Hiren’s stints include roles in technology and management in Digital Nirvana, Inc, Go.com, Cap Gemini America. In his free time, you can catch him on the Badminton courts, or on his Kindle. Pandora and Spotify are his favorite music services. He lives in Fremont with his wife and kids.

Radhakrishnan Chonat (RC)

( Product Lead, Passionate Reader & Sports Person )

RC is Alpha Street’s true Renaissance man. Using his laundry list of talents and expertise in the investment data world he is leading AlphaStreet’s product offerings. Whether it is selecting what information to show where or just put it all in an AlphaGraphic, he has to have an opinion. He also dedicates his time to mentor his team members with his tremendous knowledge in finance industry.

RC is an active quiz league participant – mostly in business and general knowledge. So, go ahead and ask him which country has a flag that’s not rectangular. He may just know. (Hint: it’s near Tibet, but it’s not Tibet.) He’s also a news junkie, particularly obsessed with business, politics and sports topics. Among RC’s other passions include: cars, gaming, science fiction, and digital photography.

Stuart Morgan

( Lead Developer, Technology Enthusiast & Entreprenuer )

Stuart is a self-professed stock market novice who hopes he’s able to make online investing so simple that even he can understand it. He thoroughly enjoys writing code, particularly when he’s able to do so from scratch. Open source software provides the variety and freedom he enjoys the most. Before joining the AlphaStreet team, Stuart spent the past ten years as the Senior Developer and Project Manager at MythTV creating one of the most popular open source media applications.

He likes the great outdoors, Books and Real Ale, occasionally mixing them all together. In his off-work hours, Stuart enjoys hiking and growing his own food while teaching himself a few foreign languages.

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